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Enabling Your RRC Application From Concept to Production!

Hetronic Industrial Radio Remote Control (RRC) Systems

Customized Radio and Cable Remote Control Systems


Hetronic Australia specialises in the custom design and manufacture of industrial Radio Remote Control (RRC) systems.

Hetronic RRC Systems provide you with maximum safety and convenience when operating machines. Our radio remote control equipment feature the newest standards of protection and are designed to meet current global safety standards.

We examine all of your needs in detail, and supply equipment that provides safety in the toughest industrialized environments.


  • Innovative Technology

High level technical engineering & software design

  • Customized Solutions

Complete in house custom remote control design and manufacture to meet our customers specific control requirements

  • Through Life Product Support

Our highly skilled employees are specialists in repairing, testing, tuning and commissioning all Hetronic products

  • Global Support Network

With representation in over 45 countires, our service and support network network helps maximise your "uptime", no matter where you work